About Maryland Green Fuels

Maryland Green Fuels, LLC (MGF) was formed in 2010 to explore waste conversion technologies for the purpose of producing maximum economic and environmental benefits, as well as contributing to important public policy goals. As a result, MGF utilizes a business model focused on the conversion of waste tires to green energy that could create jobs and provide many advantages.

Through the mutual formation of key relationships, MGF’s leadership team has worked in unison with feedstock providers, Maryland government agencies, and other significant entities to pursue the deployment of tire conversion facilities on a commercial scale. Individual systems could be mobile, modular and scalable to produce desired conversion results.

What sets us apart?  The pyrolysis technology available, utilizes state-of-the-art process steps that can overcome prior pyrolysis limitations. This proprietary process can maximize overall system performance and throughput-output to generate quality fuel and carbon, each with multiple applications such as blending the fuels and activating the carbon.


Key Relationships

Department Of Defense(U.S. Army)

Renewable Energy Team & Alternative Energy Branch provided a technology review.

U.S. Army CERDEC C2D Aberdeen Proving Ground Energy Team has provided a technology review of MGF’s tire conversion process. Federal agencies do not endorse any one technology, product or company, however MGF’s unique technology has been identified as one of the few technologies that could convert a wide range of DoD-relevant feedstocks into fuels and energy products.

Maryland Environmental Service

Providing technical, operational, engineering and project management services.

Maryland Environmental Service (MES), a Maryland State governmental environmental entity has contracted with Maryland Green Fuels to provide technical, engineering, marketing, regulatory consulting services, as well as potential facility operations and plant management operations related to the possible deployment of the MGF pyrolytic tire-to-fuels conversion technology in Maryland.

Maryland Department Of Environment

Providing emissions regulatory permits and general project support.

Maryland Department Of Environment understands that MGF is interested in utilizing proprietary pyrolytic tire-to-fuels conversion process in Maryland. While MDE cannot endorse a particular technology, product or company, we support the development of renewable and alternate energy sources and can provide assistance with regulatory and permitting requirements.

Maryland Department Of Natural Resources

MGF invited to be a member of the Maryland State DNR Sustainability Network

The Maryland Department Of Natural Resources (DNR) encourages the innovation and technology used to produce alternative fuels. DNR is committed to finding alternate energy sources for the future. MGF’s technology aligns with DNR’s efforts to move Maryland forward by addressing the reuse and management of excess materials to create sustainable solutions in many sectors.

Maryland Dept. Of Business & Economic Development

Providing resources, incentives, and help with applicable tax credits for job creation.

The Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development (DBED) understands MGF wants to use its proprietary pyrolytic technology to convert waste tire crumb into fuels and carbon. While DBED cannot endorse any particular technology, we see the value in the conversion of waste tires into usable products, as well as the potential to create new jobs.

Maryland Energy Administration

Providing consulting services and project support for utilization of alternative fuels.

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) administers The Maryland Clean Cities (MCC) Program. The MCC’s mission is to displace traditional fossil fuels by advancing alternatives such as MGF’s advanced pyrolytic tire-to-fuels conversion system. We see the potential for the creation of many new jobs, as wells direct benefit to the local economy and the environment.



MGF has been a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Md. since 2012.


MGF has been a Organizational Member in good standing and voting member of ASTM since 2012.

News & Press

MGF – Retains Maryland Environmental Service (MES)

MGF is excited to announce that Maryland Environmental Service (MES) has been engaged with to provide support, including environmental compliance, staffing needs, technical and operational systems management, preventative maintenance, and safety monitoring for a future facility.  With more than four decades of excellence in their field, MES is a perfect choice to assist MGF with its mission.

MGF – Organizational Member Of ASTM Internat.

MGF is delighted to be an Organizational Member of ASTM International (ASTM), as well as a voting member on the ASTM DO2 Committee (Petroleum Products & Liquid Fuels). ASTM is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services to provide excellent standards worldwide.

MGF – Member Of Maryland DNR Sustainability Network

MGF is proud to have been invited to be a member of The Maryland Department Of Natural Resources (DNR) Sustainability Network as a Maryland business that participates in sustainable practices. This Maryland state network is a place where citizens, businesses, and organizations can share ideas about projects and make connections between others with similar interests and goals.

The Process

What sets us apart?  The pyrolysis technology uses state-of-the-art process steps that can overcome prior pyrolysis limitations, maximizing system performance and throughput-output to generate quality fuel and carbon, each with multiple possible applications. There are eight unique process steps. (1) Feedstock flows from large storage containers into a specialized hopper. (2) Solid feedstock is continuously batch-fed under a vacuum into the conversion systems, which convert it into a gas; that gas is cooled to separate liquid fuel and carbon. (3) Excess synthetic gas is continuously recycled back to power and heat the system. (4) Liquid fuels are cleaned and scrubbed. (5) Liquid fuels are collected and temporarily stored. (6) The carbon material is collected safely, with a closed collection process. (7) All products go through final quality control and are prepared for shipment. (8) Products are transported from the facility daily.



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